Q & A / Tasks for DICC T20 Champions Trophy 2022 (UAE)


Outstanding Q & A




Action required


7th September 2022



CA transport to swimming pool

Babar to query with hotel


Extra rooms for CA invoice

Michael Lombard to send


DICC invoice for DICC T20 Champions Trophy 2022 (UAE)

for Bangladesh, IDCA, CDCA & PDCA – Michael Lombard to send


Entry requirements including payment and data for DICC T20 Champions Trophy 2022 (UAE)


All teams

Australia ✖

Bangladesh ✖

India ✖

Pakistan ✖

South Africa ✖



Commercial team updates

TPT360 (Sohaib)


ICC TV & CA need to stream the DICC T20 Champions Trophy 2022 (UAE)

TPT360 (Sohaib)


DICC to book Audiology testing



Ambulance staff and hospital – Ajman Cricket Council to book

Saib / Babar


Covid regulations - Entry requirements - United Arab Emirates travel advice - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk) Each country to check their own covid regulations to travel to UAE



DICC kit for officials, umpires, scorers etc

Babar / Sumit


CricHeroes scorers booking – TBC

Stefan / CricHeroes


Ajman Cricket Council umpires booked

Saib / Babar

DICC to send template invoices for DICC Membership US$100   (mandatory) US$100 & (desirable) national hearing board letter, scorecards, committee members, players, bank account



Q) Bangladesh have requested for assistance to help to apply for visa 

DICC to provide Emirates Cricket Board NOC as Bangladesh must apply for visa immediately to avoid repeat of visa issues in India World Cup 2018

Michael to send copy of NOC and DICC headed letter


PCB requested for proof of other ICC Members supporting participants for event

Stefan sent letter to PCB (7th September 2022)











Key documents

  1. Australia ✔CA letter March 2021     
  2. Bangladesh ✔Bangladesh Cricket Board      
  3. India ✔ The Board of Control for Cricket in India (bcci.tv) & Welcome To Differently-Abled Cricket Council of India (DCCI)
  4. Pakistan ✔PCB letter    
  5. South Africa ✔Cricket South Africa letter 03_June_2021
  6. ICC letter of recognition of DICC - ICC letter of recognition of DICC July 2021 
  7. Emirates Cricket Board NOC – Emirates Cricket Board NOC
  8. Itinerary - DICC T20 Champions Trophy 2022 (UAE)
  9. Hotel - Hotel booking
  10. TPT360 MoU - TPT360 MoU with DICC
  11. Squad details including names, audiograms, scorecards, profiles, bank transfer etc
  12. Australia Pending
  13. Bangladesh Pending
  14. India Pending
  15. Pakistan Pending
  16. South Africa Pending




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Mr. Ishtiaq Ahmed 

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Mr. Michael Lombard 

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Mr. Sumit Jain 

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Mr. Zadin-urddin Babar

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