Further DICC information sheets 22_04_2021

Thursday 22nd April 2021

Good afternoon DICC Members,

With the imminent application to apply for an ICC & DICC affiliation, many DICC members are working around the clock and we thank Afghanistan Deaf Cricket, Deaf Cricket Canada and Zimbabwe Differently Abled Cricket as the latest member to add their information.

Attachments via Google Chrome

Outstanding up to date letters by Hearing Cricket Boards to recognize above Deaf Associations as sole national governing body of Deaf Cricket

  • Afghanistan, England, India, New Zealand, Sri Lanka & Zimbabwe

To support the application for the ICC affiliation with DICC, please refer to the IDCA information pack and Cricket Australia’s letter to support Deaf Cricket Australia, as this has been verified by ICC. We are also pleased to learn that we are to submit more members’ information in due course before our next meeting with ICC on Wednesday 28th April 2021.

All the best and keep safe 🙏

Stefan Pichowski

DeafICC Chairman (Deaf International Cricket Council)

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