Official invitation of Deaf-ICC Champions Trophy 2021 (Qatar)

Date: Friday 9th April 2021                                 

Subject: Official invitation of Deaf-ICC Champions Trophy 2021 (Qatar) 

Dear all, including DICC members (Deaf Cricket Associations) and supporters of Deaf Cricket,

As the sporting world is seeking to return to the new “norm” and learning to live with Covid-19 during the pandemic within safe practice, physical distancing, protective equipment and vaccination in place; DICC have worked behind the scenes during the reset.  DICC have received sufficient expression of interest to host a tournament in 2021 prior to the imminent ODI World Cup in 2022 as well as new members in Canada, Hong Kong and Qatar joining DICC. We are confident that more success will follow suit.






DICC Championship 2016

ICC-Academy & Sharjah International Stadium, UAE


Pakistan Deaf Cricket Association

England Deaf

Star Sports Deaf-ICC T20 World Cup 2018

Teri Gardens, Gurugram, India


Sri Lanka Deaf Cricket Association

Indian Deaf Cricket Association

Deaf-ICC Champions Trophy 2021

West End Park International Cricket Stadium, Doha, Qatar




Pakistan Deaf Cricket Association will seek to repeat their success in 2016 when they overcame a first-round defeat against England Deaf to win the Final at Sharjah International Stadium with ease.  Participation in this event at the famous international stadium at West End Park in Doha will bode well and good practice to the next ODI World Cup (2022) and there will be considerable publicity, including digital streaming, considering that FIFA are hosting their football World Cup in 2022.

On behalf of DICC, it is an honour to provide the attached DICC Official invitation for DICC Members, please click on the following link: - Invitation of Deaf-ICC Champions Trophy 2021 (Qatar)

I wish all the participating teams, partners and supporters, good luck in representing their countries in a safe environment and as well as keeping safe.

Yours sincerely

Stefan Pichowski

Chairman - Deaf International Cricket Council

LinkedIn: - Stefan Pichowski I Twitter: - @stefanpichowski I Telegram & Signal: - +447967174391 | Google Meet & TEAMS available upon request


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