Membership fees 2020 & 2021

Date: Saturday 10th April 2021                                  

Subject: Membership fees 2020 & 2021

Dear DICC members (Deaf Cricket Associations), 

I trust this letter finds you well, it is time for our good DICC Treasurer, Mr. Sumit Jain, to send the invoices to our DICC Members after the reset of the pandemic from March 2020 onwards.  A reminder for the purpose of the DICC Membership outlined below: -

Membership fees: -

  • 2020 – US$100
  • 2021 – US$100
  • Total – US$200

Benefits of membership fees:

  • Regular official updates
  • Recognition by both DICC & ICC
  • Opportunities to play in DICC World Rankings events
  • Retaining rights to one member, one vote to DICC Constitution and AGMs
  • Updates of DICC Members information / resources
  • DICC affiliation certificate


  • Administrative costs
  • Proof of authenticity of Deaf Cricket Association
  • Support to Deaf Cricket and International Sporting Federation to govern World Deaf Cricket

ICC & DICC other (annual) requirements of Deaf Cricket Associations

  • Signed headed letter of hearing board recognising Deaf Cricket Association as sole national governing body of Deaf Cricket – Copy of Cricket Australia (click on me)
  • Deaf Cricket Association’s information of Executive Committee (names, titles and photos) & media platforms 
  • Constitution of Deaf Cricket Association
  • Any Memorandum of Understanding between Deaf Cricket Association and hearing board
  • Annual Audit report 
  • Bank statement or bank letter to certify Deaf Cricket Association bearing bank account 
  • Registration certificate of Deaf Cricket Association
  • Records / photos of Men's and Women's National Team(s) or any other individuals
  • Domestic / international scorecards to be downloaded into CricHeroes (free training available)
  • Live scoring / streaming via CricHeroes (free training available)
  • Team photos in blazers or uniform 
  • Matches (domestic / international) photos 
  • Any other proof of Deaf Cricket (Association) 

ICC has gratefully offered DICC to write request letter to hearing boards to grant recognition to Deaf Cricket Associations.

For those who have yet filed the letter of recognition by the hearing board, we will ask the ICC to send a polite reminder to their hearing boards who are ICC Member to follow this up, no earlier than Friday 23rd April 2021, as the ICC have strict deadlines to adhere to their ICC Executive Board meetings.

Example of letter of recognition by the hearing board - Copy of Cricket Australia (click on me)

Our good DICC Treasurer will send an email of the Membership invoice via Mr. Michael Lombard (DICC Secretary) within the next few days.  Alternatively, you can pay via Online DICC Membership payment (click on me)

The DICC Executive Committee send their best wishes and to keep safe to all the DICC Members, partners and supporters. 

Yours sincerely

Stefan Pichowski

Chairman - Deaf International Cricket Council

LinkedIn: - Stefan Pichowski I Twitter: - @stefanpichowski Telegram & Signal: - +447967174391 | Google Meet & TEAMS available upon request


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