Legal status in the conditional autonomy of sport and lifetime bans for participating in illegal cricket activities

Dated: Wednesday 9th November 2022 

Legal status in the conditional autonomy of sport and lifetime bans for participating in illegal cricket activities

The DICC (Deaf International Cricket Council), under their contractual relationships with the national governing bodies of its deaf cricket associations, is the International Federation of Sport for Deaf Cricket and issues a statement of its jurisdiction under the terminology of Les Sportiva and its conditional autonomy of sport.

Since the DICC were inaugurated in 2013, the DICC have letters (2017, 2021 & 2022) of recognition underwritten by the ICC (International Cricket Council) and its deaf national governing bodies, thus declaring that the DICC is the sole International Sport Federation of Deaf Cricket. The ICC has a memorandum of understanding with the International Olympics Committee whilst continuing to manage, operate and organize their own (ISF) international cricket body and events.

During the mass global lockdowns of the pandemic, the ICSD (International Committee of Sports of the Deaf) were in dialogue with the delegates of the DICC Executive Committee. Despite ICSD’s offer to DICC in applying for the ICSD Associate Membership, the DICC were grateful, but nonetheless clear in stating that its members are duty-bound and governed by their own NGBs, scheduling and strategies for International & domestic Deaf Cricket.  Therefore, should there be any international Deaf cricket tournament organised outside the jurisdiction of DICC's No Objection Certificate, this shall be declared illegal as the DICC Members have pledged to their own ▶ DICC 5 YEAR BUSINESS PLAN (2022-2026)

The following DICC Members are either formally affiliated or recognized by their respective ICC Members: -

  • Afghanistan (Full)
  • Australia (Full)
  • Bangladesh (Full)
  • England (Full)
  • Hong Kong (Associate)
  • Nepal (Associate)
  • India (Full)
  • Qatar (Associate)
  • Pakistan (Full)
  • South Africa (Full)
  • Sri Lanka (Full)

The following National Governing Bodies (National Deaf Cricket Associations) are working in progress with their respective ICC Members to gain official affiliation and / or recognition: - 

  • Canada
  • France 
  • New Zealand 
  • Trinidad and Tobago 
  • Zimbabwe 

Under the jus commune aka international sports law, judicial review of the International Sport Federation is not widely available to external bodies. Whilst the DICC is acting within accordance of the law with its constitution and partnership with ICC, there are no grounds for a NGB to act against the DICC as an ISF, except to either undertake juridification or to resolve its dispute internally within its own national governing borders.

Any unauthorized communication and/or other bodies perpetuating as an ISF needs to be reported to the DICC and partners with immediate effect. Should any disputes, conflict or illegal undertakings reoccur, the DICC will have no other alternative but to take the matter to the Court of Arbitration for Sport to protect the DICC’s integrity and status as the rightful International Sport Federation and legal participation in sport.

It was unanimously declared by the DICC Executive Committee and Members that all individuals and teams participating in illegal events that are not authorized by the DICC shall be imposed with the severest penalties of lifetime bans from all future DICC activities. 

The DICC welcomes dialogue and feedback with partners to safeguard and preserve its members and Deaf Cricket’s integrity.

Yours sincerely

Stefan Pichowski
DICC Chairman


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