ICC affiliation application / world rankings proposals

Friday 12th March 2021

Greetings to DICC Members,   

I trust that this email finds you all well and healthy as the world is beginning to witness a roll-out of the vaccination program as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Despite being a long-winded process, the world can begin to plan a return to the new normality as we continue to learn to live with the virus.   

Whilst we are very excited to have imminent news for DICC members, firstly, we require a response from all our DICC members to the following: -   

  • World rankings for teams and players – see attachments to approve or feedback  
  • All historical (all deaf) international & domestic scorecards – required for rankings and digital marketing to promote DICC  
  • ICC Criteria form – mandatory to apply for ICC affiliation – see attachments   
  • DICC information sheet – mandatory for up-to-date DICC membership - Click on me to view ECAD 2021 information sheet   
  • Online DICC players registration including DICC audiogram forms and personal details to be released shortly – mandatory form for players wishing to qualify for rankings and DICC events  

Please respond accordingly before end of March 2021 and to acknowledge this email by forwarding to your committee / boards whilst copying to Mr. Michael Lombard so that DICC are aware this email has reached you.   The DICC Executive Board will chase respective members on a 1-1 basis to further assist DICC members.  

If you do not respond, then DICC will assume that your board do not wish to apply for the ICC affiliation nor to enter for any DICC events.  Despite busy schedules and obvious challenges, this is critical to develop DICC’s marketing strategies so therefore, we implore all members to help develop Deaf Cricket and your international federation's (DICC) profile and awareness.  See all attachments with links below and above.


All the best and keep safe 🙏

Stefan Pichowski

DeafICC Chairman (Deaf International Cricket Council)

Twitter - @stefanpichowski 


Current public tender: - https://deaficc.com/pages/public-tender-for-dicc-cricket-odi-world-cup-2022


Telegram: - DICC (Deaf International Cricket Council)
Facebook: - Deaf-ICC
W: – www.deaficc.com


DeafICC Secretary: Mr. Michael Lombard – michael.lombard@newbridge.co.za

Secretary Office: P.O.Box 294, Cape Gate, Western Cape, South Africa 7562.

Mobile: +27798844451 (SMS)