DICC newsletter, July 2021

Date: Saturday 31st July 2021 

Subject: DICC monthly update; July 2021 

Dear DICC Members. 

I trust this latest monthly newsletter finds you all in good health and with anticipation to return to a new normality within the Deaf Cricket world. Our new monthly newsletter encourages dialogue and feedback from our DICC Members and reflect upon the communication and the sterling efforts of all involved with DICC.

  • Content
    • ICC Affiliation recognition letter & ICC Disability Criteria  
    • Andy Hobbs’ departure at ICC
    • DICC Champions Trophy 2022 (Qatar)
    • DICC Cricket ODI World Cup 2022
    • England Cricket Team’s isolation
    • ICC Affiliation recognition letter & ICC Disability Criteria  
    • ICSD Associate Members
    • DICC AGM 2021
    • Membership fee
    • Feedback Q / A
    • DICC Members updates (ECAD, IDCA & DCSC)

ICC Affiliation recognition letter & ICC Disability Criteria  

The ICC and DICC have received letters from the following ICC Members: -

  • Afghanistan
  • Australia
  • Pakistan
  • South Africa

Please find both the ICC Disability Criteria and ICC affiliation recognition letter attached as per link below: -

We thank all DICC Members working with their ICC Member counterparts to work towards fulfilling the ICC Disability Criteria and to safeguard the future of Deaf Cricket.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if there are any enquiries.

Andy Hobbs’ departure at ICC

Mr Andy Hobbs, the ICC’s Senior Manager of Development Services, is sadly leaving the ICC to return back to his roots in the UK in the next few weeks.

He will be missed by the DICC Executive Committee and members as there is undisputed sentiments is that the contribution, support, advice, time and resources Andy has given to DICC over the years could have been any more evident.  On a personal level with our Executive Committee, it has been commendable, absolutely second to none and we (DICC) will forever be grateful for his contributions as the DICC sought to build its reputation after its inaugural in 2013.  

I recollect our paths first crossed in one of the Rose Garden Hotels in Dubai and Andy made the effort to meet our new team around February 2014.  There were a mixture of sign language users, hard of hearing using voices along to create the environment enriched with the Deaf culture of the signing, waving, tapping each other for attention and it may have appeared totally chaotic to the naked and untrained eye.  It may or may not have been an eye opener for Andy, but it struck me that day that Andy was embracing, consuming the environment and the Deaf culture that day as he observed our non-verbal communication and working practices.  

One of the key elements Andy said to us that day was that the ICC respects all aspects of origins, culture, language, ethnicity, gender and alike.  That struck a chord with all of us, and I trust that the DICC Executive Committee have done everything possible to convey that message across to its DICC Members ever since.  When DICC do eventually apply for the ICC Disability Criteria, this will be no small part on Andy’s contribution, DICC thank him for his specialist knowledge and guidance as well as personal endorsement of DICC. 

DICC owe him and his colleagues all our gratitude. wishing him all the best of luck and will always welcome you to join us whenever possible.  

DICC Champions Trophy 2022 (Qatar)

In the last few weeks, our DICC CEO, Mr Zadin-urddin Babar, has been working very closely with DCSC (Deaf Cricket Sports Centre – Qatar) and other partners including Qatar Paralympics Committee to discuss the logistics of the tournament.  It is acknowledged and appreciated by all parties including the DICC Executive Committee that the landscape of the sporting platform is constantly changing and DICC are liaising with the Qatari departments and Government to ensure a success.

DICC Cricket ODI World Cup 2022-23

DICC Cricket ODI World Cup 2022; with the 12 months’ notice, this is still on track for the latter part of 2022 or early 2023, the DICC will seek to book the venues within the next 6 weeks to ensure sufficient time for all participating teams.

The most favourable format will consist of the following: -

  • 8 teams
  • First come served basis (entry fees and requirements)
  • Official ODI warm up for each of the 8 teams
  • DICC XI vs Host XI fixture
  • 2 Groups (3 matches per team)
  • Super 4 (2 matches per team)
  • “Silver Plate” of 4 (2 matches per team)
  • Winners qualify for WC & Silver Plate Finals respectively
  • Qualifier (2nd vs 3rd in Super 4 & Silver Plate) to respective Finals
  • Minimum of 3 grounds

England Cricket Team’s isolation

The pandemic has continued to affect the sporting world including the recent UEFA European Championship 2020, Olympics 2020 and most notably the England Cricket Team having to field an entire new squad following the isolation of the squad after a couple of positive cases.  This serves a reminder of the challenges ahead for DICC and beyond.  

ICSD Associate Members

Dialogue are continuing between DICC and ICSD and in particular with the audiogram forms, ICSD audiologists testing each player, events, ICSD members and DICC intellectual properties of patents, trademarks, database rights etc. Feedback from DICC Members will be gratefully received once the Associate Membership proposal is ready.

DICC AGM 2021-22

The DICC Executive Committee are proposing 2 virtual meetings for the workshops and DICC AGM to take place in 2022.

  • Sunday 31st October 2021 (1st workshop) TBC
  • Sunday 14th November 2021 (2nd workshop) TBC

Membership fee

Currently, the membership fees are US$100 a year and the members are politely reminded to pay this to support the daily running costs of DICC.

For further information, refer to DICC link on https://deaficc.com/pages/membership-fees-2020-2021

Feedback Q / A

DICC welcome feedback or questions in relations to the 10-year business plan including strategies, partnerships, hosting, development of Deaf Cricket, participation etc.  DICC will seek to share those enquiries within future monthly newsletters.  Please contact the DICC Secretary via email, see further details below.

DICC Members updates (ECAD & IDCA)

All the best and keep safe 🙏

Mr. Stefan Pichowski

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Mr. Sumit Jain 

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Mr. Zadin-urddin Babar

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