DICC monthly updates; June 2021

Date: Saturday 26th June 2021 

Subject: DICC monthly update; June 2021 

Dear DICC Members. 

I trust this latest monthly newsletter finds you all in good health and with anticipation to return to a new normality within the Deaf Cricket world. Our new monthly newsletter will encourage dialogue and feedback from our DICC Members and reflect upon the hard working team behind the scenes.

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    • Future public tender proposals
    • Intellectual properties reserved by DICC as international sporting federation as sole rights holders
    • DICC Champions Trophy 2022 (Qatar)
    • DICC Cricket ODI World Cup 2022
    • ICC Security
    • Prior authorisation for DICC entries
    • DICC T20 World Cup 2024
    • ICC Affiliation recognition letter & ICC Disability Criteria  
    • ICSD Associate Members
    • AGM including review of DICC Constitution
    • DICC Business Partners
    • Membership fee
    • DICC World rankings & 15 members and counting
    • Non-for-profit registration
    • Feedback Q / A
    • DICC Members updates 
    • Adolf Ogi quote about sport and life

Future public tender proposals

  • DeafICC T20 World Cup 2024 | Tender 2021
  • DeafICC Cricket ODI World Cup 2026 | Tender 2022
  • DeafICC T20 World Cup 2028 | Tender 2023


DICC Inauguration

Dubai (UAE) 


DICC Championship 2016 

ICC Academy, Dubai Sports City & Sharjah International Stadium (UAE)


Star Sports Deaf-ICC T20 World Cup 2018

Gurugram, nr New Delhi (India) 


DeafICC Cricket ODI World Cup 2020 (postponed due to COVID-19 pandemic) 

Ajman & Dubai International Stadium (UAE)


DeafICC Cricket ODI World Cup 

Latter part of 2022: - venue / hearing board to be announced with minimum of 12 months’ notice 


    Intellectual properties reserved by DICC as international sporting federation as sole rights holders

    Types of sponsorship / IP Rights / Key provisions in sponsorship agreements

    • Sole
    • Endorsement
    • Multi
    • Merchandising
    • Official suppliers
    • Broadcast

    IP Rights

    • Digital rights
    • Copyright
    • Patents
    • Trademarks
    • Database right
    • Confidential information

    Key provisions in sponsorship agreements

    • Exclusivity – right holders to maintain exclusive with own business partners
    • IP – business partners right to use right holder’s brands
    • Promotion & advertising – right holders and sponsors to promote the event
    • Venue – right holders to guarantee venue to stage event
    • Fees – payment value in kind or commission or performance related or monetary sum

    DICC Champions Trophy 2022 (Qatar)

    Our good DICC CEO, Mr Zadin-urddin Babar, has been working very closely with the potential host to relaunch International Deaf Cricket after a prolonged absence due to the Coronavirus pandemic.  Several DICC Members have expressed their interest and they await with anticipation for the formal invite in due course.  This is seen as a warm-up to the DICC Cricket ODI World Cup 2022 in the latter stages of the year. 

    DICC Cricket ODI World Cup 2022

    DICC Cricket ODI World Cup 2022; with the 12 months’ notice, this is still on track for the latter part of 2022.  Two potential hosts are in discussions with their governments & business partners to stage the ODI World Cup.

    DICC continue to work with business partners to seek for full naming and broadcasting rights and the current discussions are that the broadcasting will be on free-to-air via YouTube and to be shared by the cricket boards, ambassadors with huge followers etc.  The ICC have advised that the highlight packages will be more worthy of DICC’s intellectual properties to sell the brand.

    ICC Security

    Back in early May 2021, the DICC Executive Committee had a virtual meeting with the ICC Security team including Mr. David Musker and Ms. Vanessa Hobkirk to discuss guidelines of resuming to international cricket in the pandemic world.  The dialogue was extremely positive and there were specific considerations to take: -

    • Government guidelines including travel, vaccination, quarantine, physical distancing etc
    • Open dialogue to respective hearing boards to see if DICC Members can monitor current protocols during the pandemic
    • ICC Security team have provided an up-to-date check list and will keep DICC informed of updates
    • Budget for 1 room per person for hotels & PPE 

    There is one sample attached below from May 2020 for your information and guidelines.

    Prior authorisation for DICC entries

    • Deposit / entry fees
    • Pledge to share broadcasting streaming via hearing boards
    • Strict protocols for PPE, covid testing, vaccinations and bubbles
    • Audiogram testing for 3 spot-checking per squad
    • Squad & Audiogram profiling prior to tournament
    • Abiding to the ICC Disability criteria
    • All historical international scorecards completed on CricHeroes database by each Member
    • Membership information
    • NB: All intellectual properties are retained by DICC throughout.

    Budget estimates of single rooms for 200+ staff members on a maximum of 16-night basis will tally up into excessive sums, unprecedented to Deaf Cricket, the members will need to consider this as a major factor during this pandemic with so many social and economic challenges that lies before DICC.

    DICC T20 World Cup 2024

    On a footnote, DICC have had a positive response to host the DICC T20 World Cup 2024 as the respective host were not able to host the DICC Cricket ODI World Cup in 2022.  Further information will be available following the public tender released later this year.

    ICC Affiliation recognition letter & ICC Disability Criteria  

    The ICC and DICC have received letters from Afghanistan, Australia, Pakistan, and South Africa to recognize their DICC Members as the sole national governing body of Deaf Cricket. Additional DICC Members including Bangladesh, India, Nepal, New Zealand, Qatar, Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe are imminent to follow suit shortly and in time for the ICC Executive Meeting in July to discuss the ICC affiliation. 

    ICSD Associate Members 

    DICC are in dialogue to discuss proposals to become an Associate Member of the International Committee of Sport Deaf (ICSD).  It is clear that whilst the DICC’s main priority is to apply for the ICC Disability Criteria, a formal recognition and partnership between DICC & ICSD is essential to safeguard all parties concerned.  Irrespective of these outcomes, DICC will retain their status as the international sport federation including rights holders of its intellectual properties of patents, trademarks, database rights etc. Feedback from DICC Members will be gratefully received.

    See further information of the ICSD Constitution: -

    4.4 Associate Members

    4.4.1 An Associate Member shall consist of an international deaf sports federation responsible only for the technical aspect of one (1) sport and shall be in pursuance with the objects and principles of relevant SportAccord recognised international sports bodies with aims, objects and purposes consistent with this Constitution. Athletes shall first become members of a national deaf sports federation prior to participating in events organized by international deaf sports federations.

    4.4.2 Nomination of an international deaf sports federation for associate membership of the ICSD: shall be made in writing in the form set out in Appendix 2 - Associate Membership (PDF) and shall be lodged with the Chief Executive Officer of ICSD. The Chief Executive Officer shall, as soon as is practicable after the receipt of a nomination referred to in Article, refer the nomination to the Legal Commission of ICSD. The Legal Commission shall, in consultation with the Executive Board, report to the Congress which may admit the association in accordance with Article 5.


    AGM including review of DICC Constitution

    Following the pandemic that has affected all corners on the globe, DICC are planning to host its first virtual AGM, with at least 3 months’ notice and most probable with prior trial run to ensure all Members are familiar and confident using virtual technology.  The DICC Executive Committee are strongly in the views of that the DICC Constitution require updating and will appreciate feedback and assistance from all Members.

    DICC Business Partners

    DICC continue their search to build their platform of business partners including  running the DICC Shopify website, advertising, digital marketing and media. Interested parties can contact the DICC Secretary for further information.

    Membership fee

    Currently, the membership fees are US$100 a year and the members are politely reminded to pay this to support the daily running costs of DICC.

    For further information, refer to DICC link on https://deaficc.com/pages/membership-fees-2020-2021

    DICC World rankings & 15 members and counting

    CricHeroes are providing an unique opportunity for DICC as a business partner to operate the statistics & world rankings. Each DICC Member will need to get in touch to produce the statistics and scorecards with CricHeroes.  This is also an opportunity to promote the game of Deaf Cricket to ICC’s Full / Associate Members, businesses, and the Deaf Cricket communities.

    Non-for-profit registration

    DICC Members are reminded that the DICC is registered as a non-for-profit organisation which outline several key advantages such as tax exemptions for business partners and an incentive to re-invest resources back into DICC events.  This is a critical business strategy regarding corporate social responsibilities (CSR) that was successfully processed a couple of years ago by the DICC Executive Committee, in particular, the DICC Secretary, Mr. Michael Lombard, who have invested huge resources of his time to enable this critical step to reach out to potential investors.

    Feedback Q / A

    DICC welcome feedback or questions in relations to the 10-year business plan including strategies, partnerships, hosting, development of Deaf Cricket, participation etc.  DICC will seek to share those enquiries within future monthly newsletters.  Please contact the DICC Secretary via email, see further details below.

    DICC Members updates 

    Please revert to ECAD (England) newsletters for their updates: - England Cricket Association for the Deaf newsletters  and DICC welcome updates from other Members. 

    Adolf Ogi quote about sport and life

    Adolf Ogi, former President of Switzerland, “Sport teaches life skills.  Sport remains the best school of life.  With sport, young people learn: to manage victory: to overcome defeat: to become team players and to be reliable and gain the other team members’ confidence; respect for opponents and the rules; that for good results regular training is needed; and, to know their limits and themselves better.  The positive lessons and values of sport are essential for life”. 

    Ogi, A., ‘Conference Address’, Sport and Development International Conference, Magglingen, Switzerland (16–18 February 2003).

    All the best and keep safe 🙏

    Mr. Stefan Pichowski

    DICC Chairman Chairman Office: - Kent, UK | Telegram & Signal: - +447967174391 I LinkedIn: - Stefan Pichowski I Twitter: - @stefanpichowski I Google Meet & TEAMS available upon request 


    Mr. Ishtiaq Ahmed 

    DICC Vice-Chairman | CEO Office: -  Lahore, Pakistan |


    Mr. Michael Lombard 

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    Mr. Sumit Jain 

    DICC Treasurer | Treasurer Office: -  New Delhi, India |


    Mr. Zadin-urddin Babar

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