DICC monthly update; November 2021 and Official invitation to DICC T20 Champions Trophy (Qatar)

Date: Friday 19th November 2021 

Subject: DICC monthly update; November 2021 


    • DICC Official invite to DICC T20 Champions Trophy 2022 (Qatar) 
    • DICC World Rankings including national, domestic teams and players
    • Membership
    • ICC Affiliation recognition letter & ICC Disability Criteria
    • Feedback Q / A
    • DICC Members updates (ECAD, IDCA & DCSC)

Please find enclosed official invitation and further information via below link: - 

*  DICC official invitation to DICC T20 Champions Trophy 2022 (Qatar) 19_Nov_2021

DICC Legends and Captains 19_Nov_2021

Qatar Cricket Association letter

Ministry of Culture and Sports – Qatar  

DICC World Rankings including national, domestic teams and players


  • To provide a pathway for nations to enter Deaf World Cups which are limited to 8 member nations. • To encourage the playing of more Deaf International matches between DICC World Cups and with the current pandemic challenges of hosting DICC World Cups.
  •  To encourage the playing of more domestic Deaf cricket.
  • To promote Deaf Cricket to ICC, supporters, broadcasters and sponsors by increasing the profile with digital marketing contents.
  • DICC recognition of players and teams within Deaf cricket.

How it will work:

  • All historic Deaf match scorecards to be added to the DICC World Rankings supplier where new DICC National Team & players rankings will be collated. Historical scorecards should be downloaded to the supplier as soon as possible for ALL international matches and any available domestic Deaf v Deaf grassroots matches.
  • Player rankings will be produced from this data and will be ongoing.
  • Ranking Points will be awarded for playing a DICC approved international Deaf match against another DICC member nation, with more points for the winners but points for participation too. 
  • 50 points for a win
  • 30 points for a tie/draw
  • 10 points for a loss per game
  • 1 point will also be awarded for each Deaf only match (Deaf v Deaf) at grassroots level in DICC approved competitions with a cap / maximum of 10 points per country each calendar year.
  • All match scorecards must be submitted within 28 days of the match completion or, ideally, scored using the supplier’s app.
  • Ranking points will be awarded 100% for the previous 12 months, 75% for the preceding year, 50% for the year before that and 25% for the first 12-month period.
  • All nations will start with zero points on 1st January 2022.
  • The top nations as of 1st January 2023 will qualify automatically (entry requirements permitting) for the proceeding DICC World Cup the following year, with the remaining nations invited to qualify via a play-off competition later in that year.
  • All scorecards will be verified by either the opposition or the DICC Executive Committee and the supplier.
  • DICC World Rankings will be produced on monthly basis.

Note that there were changes regarding domestic ranking points following feedback from several members. 


Currently, the membership fees are US$100 a year and the members are politely reminded to pay this to support the daily running costs of DICC and to enter the DICC World Rankings.

For further information, refer to DICC link on https://deaficc.com/pages/membership-fees-2020-2021

ICC Affiliation recognition letter & ICC Disability Criteria - Qatar Cricket Association’s new recognition letter of Deaf Cricket Sports Centre (Qatar)

The ICC and DICC have received letters from the following ICC Members: -

Please find both the ICC Disability Criteria and ICC affiliation recognition letter attached as per link below: -

Feedback Q / A

DICC welcome feedback or questions in relations to the 10-year business plan including strategies, partnerships, hosting, development of Deaf Cricket, participation etc.  DICC will seek to share those enquiries within future monthly newsletters.  Please contact the DICC Secretary via email, see further details below.

DICC Members updates (ECAD, IDCA & DCSC)

NB: DICC Members are always encouraged to pass on their contents including social media, newsletters, websites etc. 

All the best and keep safe 🙏

Mr. Stefan Pichowski

DICC Chairman | Chairman Office: - Kent, UK | Telegram & Signal: - +447967174391 I LinkedIn: - Stefan Pichowski I Twitter: - @stefanpichowski I Google Meet & TEAMS available upon request | 


Mr. Ishtiaq Ahmed 

DICC Vice-Chairman | CEO Office: - Lahore, Pakistan |


Mr. Michael Lombard 

DICC Secretary | Secretary Office: - P.O. Box 294, Cape Gate, Western Cape, South Africa 7562 | Mobile: - +27798844451 (SMS) | e: - michael.lombard@newbridge.co.za | 


Mr. Sumit Jain 

DICC Treasurer | Treasurer Office: - New Delhi, India |


Mr. Zadin-urddin Babar

DICC CEO | CEO Office: - Lahore, Pakistan | Mobile: - +923227008009 (WhatsApp/Telegram/SMS/Voice) | e: - ceodicc@gmail.com |


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