Deaf International Cricket Council: What’s happening in 2022 and beyond

  • Deaf International Cricket Council: What’s happening in 2022 and beyond
  • Friday 28th January 2022
  • Stefan Pichowski (DICC Chairman)
  • Addressed to: The Cricketer cricket magazine

DICC’s Executive Summary

DICC is the International Federation of Sport for Deaf Cricket, with the DICC Members acting as International actors within their respective National Deaf Cricket Associations to preserve regulatory autonomy & own Lex Sportiva. DICC’s jurisdiction under the jus commune aka international sports law, have their Constitution, enforcing their own private sporting laws, to ensure transparency for all DICC events including bilateral series. 

Needless to say, DICC Members are grateful to their Executive Committee including Mr. Ishtiaq Ahmed (Vice-chair), Mr. Michael Lombard (Secretary), Mr. Sumit Jain (Treasurer) and Mr. Zadin-urddin Babar (CEO) for the challenging years during the pandemic and to ensure that the flame is kept alight for followers around the world.

A Deaf Cricketer’s narrative:

A long time ago, during a hearing Premier League Saturday club match in Birmingham (England), a Deaf batter, was facing the opening bowlers with the new ball swinging around with a venom and thus probing the outside edge.  Eventually, the Deaf batter played and missed one ball that swung away from the bat, the fielding side appealed confidently and enthusiastically. that the umpire would raise the dreaded signal to give the Deaf batter out.  The umpire took a moment to pause, observing the body language, the batter was looking down, scratching the guard on the ground to prepare for the next ball and carrying on obliviously despite the appealing. To the full dismay of the fielding side and the bowler, the umpire turned down the appeal and barked his decision to the fielding side, “NOT OUT”.  At the end of the over, there were aplenty of disgruntled fielders with a few verbal parting shots towards the batter, the hearing non-striker batter remarked to the Deaf batter, how he got away with it, hinting a blatant outside edge. The response?  “Didn’t anyone appeal then?” quipped the Deaf batter.

Watching a Deaf Cricket match, to the naked eye, there are no physical adaptions with Deaf cricketers, it appears to be an ordinary cricket match that you would see on television or watching at a local cricket club.  There are some intangible exceptions, it is played in silence with the occasional eruption of roaring for an appeal amongst the fielding side, Deaf cricketers waving at the “day-dreaming” fielders who have switched off for a momentarily respite to switch off from the game.  Deaf cricketers use visual cues to the onlooking batting team with instructions.  There are perhaps the odd mishap of chaotic run outs or unforced / forced fielding errors.  Deaf cricket brings new narratives to the game with its visual concepts. 

Communication challenges, social exclusion and Deaf representatives

With communication challenges and social exclusion being the main barriers, Deaf cricketers need to adapt their strategies, mentally and communicating, to playing in Deaf cricket, using non-verbal communication such as sign language, nonverbal cues, lip-reading etc. It could be argued that whilst removing hearing-aids can prove challenging for new Deaf participants in sport and even dangerous in certain scenarios, it also replicates similar barriers that Deaf people face in the hearing world, the level-playing field practicality is implemented when Deaf all players face the same level of access to information.  Practising without hearing-aids is therefore all the more vital to audio cues as well as non-audio cues to catching, batting, fielding and beyond the boundary ropes.

This underlines two key items, a true representation of what Deaf people faces and an important reminder why representatives of Deaf Cricket (and Sport) are essentially Deaf themselves so they can, professionally and personally,  advocate the purpose of Deaf Cricket and Sport.   As Deafness is often referred to as a “hidden disability”, DICC seeks to champion its own identity, culture and language aka communication tactics. 

For further narratives and background of Deaf International Cricket, click on the two below attachments: -

  • DICC Chronology of International Deaf Cricket UK. (2021) Chronology of International Deaf Cricket [Online] [Accessed on 7th December 2021] Chronology of deaf cricket (uk)
  • DICC Legends and Captains. (2021) DICC Legends and Captains [Online] [Accessed on 29th November 2021] DICC Legends and Captains

DICC Business Plan 2022 >

Since The Cricketer’s last article (January 2021) on Deaf International Cricket, the Members of DICC have sought their way through the pandemic to overcome new logistical challenges that faces all of us around the world.  The DICC are most grateful to the guidance from the ICC’s Security team, ICC Members and other partners for their respective risk assessment procedures and new innovative digital technology. 

  • DICC T20 Champions Trophy 2022 (Qatar) to be played at Asian Town Cricket Stadium in Doha, 6-17 September 2022 (4 - 6 nations)
  • DICC T20 World Cup 2023 – public tender released with closing date on 31st March 2022 – Click to view public tender on: - Public tender
  • DICC ODI World Cup 2025 – public tender to be released before the end of 2023
  • DICC T20 World Cup 2027
  • DICC ODI World Cup 2029

DICC World Rankings in partnership with CricHeroes

In partnership with CricHeroes, starting in January 2022, DICC launches the new and innovative World Rankings for nations and their players in both domestic and international Deaf matches.  DICC will seek to promote the World Rankings with regular updates and annual awards. The rankings will also help determine the allocated 8 slots in the DICC World Cups.  No doubt, this will increase the profile of the game with its streaming, statistics including live and historical scorecards as well as players’ rankings.  This will be embraced by followers, players, business partners and producing a new dawn in the hierarchy of the best Deaf cricketers and nations in the world.

DICC T20 Champions Trophy 2022 (Qatar) – 6th to 17th September 2022

The Ministry of Culture and Sport in Qatar have announced this week that the DICC T20 Champions Trophy 2022 (Qatar) has been moved from March 2022 to September 2022 due to consultations between all parties including participating countries and business partners.   The teams and supporters will be looking forward to the opportunity of travelling to Qatar to witness the DICC T20 Champions Trophy 2022 (Qatar) as it will be a prestigious tournament with the expectation of special guests, business partners, broadcasters, local and international cricket fans in its droves to watch a competitive Champions Trophy event under the floodlights at the Asian Town Cricket Stadium.  Qatar will no doubt seek to showcase their renowned world class facilities prior to the FIFA World Cup 2022 at the end of the year and DICC are proud to be part of this special journey for the Qatari to embrace the international audience.   

Finally, in promoting Deaf Cricket, DICC send huge gratitude to Mr. Christopher Raja (President of Deaf Cricket Sports Centre in Qatar), Mr. Mansoor Ahmad (Operations Manager of Qatar Cricket Association), Sheikh Abdulaziz bin Saud bin Abdulrahman Al Thani (President of Qatar Cricket Association) and the Ministry of Culture and Sport of the Qatari Government, they will undoubtedly fulfil social corporate responsibilities for many Deaf people around the world.

Happy belated New Year to everyone and all the best

Mr. Stefan Pichowski

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