Continuing DICC status to ICC Affiliation - 05_05_2021

Tuesday 18th May 2021

Dear Executive Committee Members of ICC & DICC, 

Re: Continuing DICC status to ICC Affiliation

I trust this email finds you well. 

I hereby attach the ICC Disability Criteria for your attention, and you will note that the ICC Executive Board requires evidence from DICC’s Members who are the sole national governing bodies of Deaf Cricket in their respective countries.  

After further positive and encouraging dialogue with the International Cricket Council, to apply for ICC Affiliation, we have had further feedback that each of DICC Members and National Deaf Cricket Association requires the following: -

  • Headed signed letter from respective hearing ICC Members / Associate
  • Addressed to respective Deaf Cricket Association
  • Recognition of the Deaf Cricket Association (full name included) as sole national governing body of Deaf Cricket
  • Contact details of Deaf Cricket Association including titles and names of leading delegates – desirable but not mandatory
  • Typed in English written language
  • Click on me for template of Cricket Australia’s letter

Following the success of DICC in their 10-year business model which includes the DICC inauguration in 2013, DICC Championship 2016 at Dubai Sports City (ICCA), T20 World Cup 2018 in India and the next DICC Cricket ODI World Cup due to take place in 2022.  

We kindly request further goodwill to supporting International Deaf Cricket.  Our good DICC Executive Committee will assist the above members and please do not hesitate to ask if there are any questions.

All the best and keep safe 🙏

Stefan Pichowski

DeafICC Chairman (Deaf International Cricket Council)

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