Postponement of the DICC Cricket World Cup 2020

Following the DICC correspondence on Wednesday, the 11th March 2020 and considering the Coronavirus pandemic announced by the World Health Organization (WHO), several members have responded in kind to the letter.

The DICC thank Australia, England, India and South Africa for their views, guidance and situation in their respective countries. We also welcome impending views from other members: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, New Zealand, Pakistan, Trinidad and Tobago, USA and Zimbabwe.

This has led to a unanimous decision led by the DICC Executive Committee to announce the postponement of the DICC Cricket World Cup 2020 to Spring 2021. We will not be able to confirm new dates until there is a clearer outcome on sporting events around the globe that has seen many cancellations and postponements.

Please circulate this information to your members, media sections and social media alike.

DICC Handbook, profile & all historical scorecards - this is a reminder to all to help build the DICC profile to the outside world. Please continue to work on the information required for the DICC Handbook as well as your historical scorecards so we can gain assistance and help for the DICC.

The DICC Executive Committee send their best wishes to members & beyond, reminding everyone to be vigilant, to use prevention as well as reaction accordingly and to continue their fabulous contribution to Deaf Cricket and the DICC.

We remain committed to hosting a wonderful and mega DICC Cricket World Cup in 2021.